Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your Opinion: Is Caleb growing?


  1. Now how did you shrink those dolls?!

    Yes, he is growing, and we are all thankful.

    He will probably end up over six feet tall and somebody's basketball star.

  2. Hi, I found your website looking for my son's website. (I am googling to see how people find it) My son's website is down until tomorrow morning but his is www.calebsstory.com We adopted him at 2 months as a preemie. I enjoyed reading about your Caleb and am so glad he is doing so well now. We named our Caleb after God's servant in the bible as you obviously did. We are also believing God for His miracles in Caleb's recovery. Nice to meet you. Dana Belcher, jasonanddanab@aol.com